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what specifically was bad about Bridges. Kelli O'hara has the most stunning voice so I know it wasnt her, and from what I've heard the music is stunning and the critics have actually given the show great reviews. Did you not like it because its very different from the movie?

Kelli O’Hara definitely has a stunning voice, but it was hard to understand the lyrics with the Italian accent. Personally, I didn’t see the chemistry between Kelli and Steven.

It’s a beautiful story, I just didn’t like the way it was portrayed…maybe I was comparing it to the movie a little too much. And yes, I’m well aware they are very different.

It just wasn’t my cup of tea. I haven’t read any reviews, but from word of mouth, I haven’t come across too many fans. When I went, practically half the mezzanine was empty.

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My apartment lease expires August 31.  My bff’s expires in February.

What this translates to is that I should be living in NYC in or before February 2015.  Earlier if an employment opportunity arises.

Terrifying.  Because it’s actually real this time.  I have job prospects.  I have a lot of connections.  I’m halfway to my savings goal/need to make the move.

I need to be brave. I need to stay committed.  I can do this.


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Idina Menzel for Billboard Magazine - 1 / ?

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Idina Menzel: RiverEdge Park, Aurora IL
July 19 2013
[Thomas J King Photography]

I want to do more in this world than just live in it.
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"I’m a 42-year-old woman who likes to talk about sex, and I’ve got a foul mouth," says Menzel unapologetically. "Moms bring their little 6-year-olds to my shows in Elphaba costumes or Elsa costumes, and I have a responsibility. Sometimes that’s challenging to figure out how to continue to be myself even though there’s a little girl in the front row."

No escape from the storm inside of me.

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A bottle of red made with data.
Finding the perfect wine used to mean going to a good wine store, discussing your future meal with a sales person and trying to remember the wine the next time you buy. Now all you have to do is go to a website, like that of Bordeaux-based fine wine merchant Millesima. With data, they can help any customer, anywhere in the world, select the right bottle, for the right meal, the right climate, time of year, you name it. Plus you don’t have to soak off the label to remember the name and vintage when you want to buy it again. Explore more stories →

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Idina Menzel as Vera Rivkin in Ask The Dust

doing a gifset just for this because I love the way she looks at him so much

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